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Role of multidetector computed tomography virtual cystoscopy in evaluation of urinary bladder carcinoma

The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, 2, 45, pages 543 - 554



To evaluate the diagnostic possibilities of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) virtual cystoscopy (V.C.) in evaluation of urinary bladder carcinoma.

Patients and methods

This study included 55 patients with recent initial conventional cystoscopic (C.C.) assessment (at the outpatient clinics) & revealed bladder mass including the followed up patients for U.BL. mass recurrence who were referred for CT virtual cystoscopic (V.C.) evaluation. All patients underwent conventional cystoscopy within a week after the virtual examination. The virtual image, axial 2D, and C.C. reports were compared to each other and to the obtained histopathological results.


Out of 93 intravesical masses depicted by C.C., 91 were depicted by V.C. (97.8%). The CT V.C. had higher sensitivity (97.8%) in comparison to that of axial 2D spiral CT (90.3%) in detection of U.BL. masses. V.C. could pass through the narrow neck diverticulae in three cases, while C.C. could not navigate through them.


C.C. represents the gold standard for diagnosis & local management of U.BL. carcinoma. The results of V.C. & C.C. were comparable in detection, localization & morphology description of U.BL. masses. MDCT V.C. may be alternative or complementary examination where C.C. is difficult to be performed or contraindicated.

Abbreviations: MPR - multiplannar reconstruction, MDCT - multidetector CT, V.C. - virtual cystoscopy, C.C. - conventional cystoscopy, U.BL. - urinary bladder, UT - urinary tract, SCC - squamous cell carcinoma, TCC - transitional cell carcinoma..

Keywords: Multidetector CT, CT virtual cystoscopy, Conventional cystoscopy, Urinary bladder.


a Radiodiagnosis Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Tanta, Gharbeya, Egypt

b Urology & Nephrology Center, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt

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