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ESSIC 2016


It is a great pleasure and honour to invite you to the ESSIC Annual Meeting which will be taking place in New Delhi this year in November.

Renowned experts from many countries have been invited to focus on the hot topics of Bladder Pain Syndrome and to contribute to one of our Society’s main missions. As many of you know, the ESSIC was founded in 2004 and since then, it promoted and developed the knowledge of the Interstitial Cystitis among the few European experts and scientific societies. The change in the nomenclature, as well as the creation of an important network involving international scientific associations, also outside Europe (US, Asia), are just an example of some of the important goals reached by the ESSIC group. Nowadays, AUA, ICI and EAU proposed some Guidelines for Bladder Pain Syndrome to the scientific international community; however, some specific details are still needed.

This year ESSIC annual meeting represents a pivotal event for our Society, as it will try to draw up a first draft of a global proposal for guidelines on the main topics of BPS, which will be implemented by the specific algorithms in the near future.

Our Faculty will actively contribute to this mission but I also hope that you may feel involved in this project by submitting your researches and studies to the attention of the scientific committee on the occasion of the Abstract Sessions of the conference.

Nov 2016
Nov 2016

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New Delhi
New Delhi

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New Delhi