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Prognostic Value of C-Choline PET/CT and CT for Predicting Survival of Bladder Cancer Patients Treated with Radical Cystectomy

Maurer T, Horn T, Souvatzoglou M, Eiber M, Beer AJ, Heck MM, Haller B, Gschwend JE, Schwaiger M, Treiber U, Krause BJ.

Urol Int. 2014;93(2):207-13.


Background In patients with bladder cancer (BCa) preoperative staging with (11)C-choline positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET/CT) could be used to derive prognostic information and hence stratify patients preoperatively with respect to disease management.

Methods From June 2004 to May 2007, 44 patients with localized BCa were staged with (11)C-choline PET/CT before radical cystectomy. The results of imaging were correlated to overall survival (OS) and cumulative incidence of cancer-specific death (CSD).

Results There was no statistically significant difference in OS and CSD between the patient groups when stratified for organ-confined versus non-organ-confined disease or lymph node involvement defined by either (11)C-choline PET/CT (OS: p = 0.262, hazard ratio [HR] = 1.60; p = 0.527, HR = 0.76; CSD: p = 0.144, HR = 2.25; p = 0.976, HR = 0.98) or CT (OS: p = 0.518, HR = 1.34; p = 0.228, HR = 1.67; CSD: p = 0.323, HR = 1.90; p = 0.136, HR = 2.38). The limitation of this study is the small number of included patients.

Conclusion In our prospective trial neither CT nor (11)C-choline PET/CT were able to sufficiently predict OS or CSD in BCa patients treated with radical cystectomy albeit trends and moderately increased HRs could be demonstrated without significant differences between CT or (11)C-choline PET/CT. However, these trends might prove statistically significant in bigger patient cohorts. Therefore initial transsectional imaging might be of clinical relevance in respect to prognosis and could play a role in the counseling of BCa patients.

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