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Semi-Live 2017 - State-of-the-Art Surgical Procedures in Urologic Oncology, Reconstruction and Stones

Department of Urology, University of Heidelberg, Germany

For the second time, the beautiful site of Heidelberg welcomes some of the internationally most renowned and experienced experts to present anatomical landmarks and access strategies, important steps, tricks, pitfalls and complication management in urologic surgery. Semi-Live will, therefore, grant you access to the smallest, yet so important details of state-of-the-art urologic interventions.

Semi-Live 2017

  • focuses on complex urologic procedures: endourology, open, laparoscopy, robotics.
  • brings together a faculty of international surgeons with highest state-of-the-art experience. Additionally, a heritage session will review the outstanding development in urologic surgery by some of its finest contributors.
  • offers HD format presented and narrated to foster a lively and descriptive discussion with the audience.
  • provides hands-on-training at half-day workshops in immuno-oncology, laparoscopic urology, MRI/TRUS-fusion biopsy and MRI-guided TULSA on February 15th.



Feb 2017
Feb 2017

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Grabengasse 3-5
D – 69117 Heidelberg

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Neue Aula, University of Heidelberg