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URO ONCO is an important source of education and scientific information for many healthcare professionals in urology. This platform is an initiative from the European Association of Urology, in cooperation with European Urology. It is funded by unrestricted educational grants from pharmaceutical or medical device or equipment companies.

This page offers those companies the opportunity to share information. This can consist of articles, lectures, presentations, webcasts or podcasts.

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More treatments and new challenges in the management of castration-resistant prostate cancer

Janssen webcast from EAU15, Madrid, 22nd March 2015 

  • Welcome, introduction, and objectives
    Peter Mulders

  • Defining different clinical states in castration-resistant prostate cancer and clinical implications- Part 1 Identifying the M0 and M1 patient
    Axel Merseburger

  • Defining different clinical states in castration-resistant prostate cancer and clinical implications - Part 2: Clinical data
    Peter Mulders

  • M0 patient case
    Luis Martínez-Piñeiro

  • Recent updates on data impacting drugs that target the androgen-axis in mCRPC
    Eleni Efstathiou

  • The role of corticosteroids in metastatic CRPC: an update from ASCO GU
    Kurt Miller

  • Panel discussion – First-line treatment options in the metastatic CRPC setting

Heart and ADT: Managing benefit/risk ratio

Ferring webcast from EAU15, Madrid, 22nd March 2015

  • Welcome and introduction
    De La Taille, Créteil (FR)
  • Intermittent androgen deprivation: Still a valid treatment option?
    J.M. Wolff, Düsseldorf (DE)
  • Understanding the mechanisms behind ADT and cardiovascular risk
    J. Pinthus, Hamilton Ontario (CA)
  • ADT and side effects – are all medications the same?
    De La Taille, Créteil (FR)
  • ADT and cardiovascular risk: A cardiologist’s perspective
    P. Davey, Northampton (GB)

5th International Symposium on Hormonal Treatment of Prostate Cancer (STOP-5)

Prague, October 17th – 19th, 2014

It is a pleasure to be able to provide you with the opportunity to view or review the presentations from the recently held Symposium on Hormonal Treatment of Prostate Cancer (STOP-5) held in Prague in October 2014.

The aim of the meeting was to provide practising urologists with new information about state-of-the-art treatments and procedures in order to help them enhance patient care. The STOP-5 symposium was chaired by Professor Tom Keane from Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, US and included individual sessions focussing on localised, high risk/locally advanced, metastatic disease and castration-resistant prostate cancer. The meeting comprised plenary lectures, clinical case discussions, debate sessions and workshop breakout groups during which the eminent faculty and participants had interactive discussions, exchanging information and clinical experiences.

The symposium was funded via an unrestricted grant from Ferring Pharmaceuticals