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Interview at ESMO 2014 with Dr. Gillian Mitchell, Melbourne, Australia

Increased risk of urological cancer
Lynch syndrome, DNA mismatched repair syndrome is associated with upper tract urothelial cancers but the majority of inherited genetic abnormalities are associated with the development of renal cancers. The Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome and tuberous sclerosis, causing renal cancer of angiomyolipomas are just 2 frequently found syndromes. Many germ line mutations may be associated with multiple renal tumors and nephron sparing therefore is essential. The role of VHL mutations in sunitinib resistance is topic of study. In prostate cancer a hereditary component of up to 30-40% cases has been suggested, but only BRCA-2 mutations are currently known to be associated with an increased risk. Most likely single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs are associated with the hereditary occurrence of prostate cancer.  Men with BRCA-2 mutations are at an elevated risk of developing high risk prostate cancer.